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Tracking the royal Bengal tiger and the elusive snow leopard in India. March 2011

Hotel area in New Delhi close to the international airport.

Colemines in Chandrapur, just 45 minutes from the tiger reserve.

Balough is his name. He lives in the village Moharli near the reserve Tadoba. We call him Mowgli.

The women from the village take care of the laundry in Tadoba lake.

Holy festival in Moharli.

The children play football with the ball we bought in Chandrapur.

Even the girls are playing.

Early morning we found a fresh tiger footprint in the reserve Tadoba.

Sambar dears on the beaufiful road that goes up to the high plateau with magnificent view.

On the afternnon we run out of petrol.

So we have to walk down to the headquarter and get some fuel.

When we continue the safari we meet the majestic tiger male.

The beautiful cat takes a close inspection before it continues the afternoon walk.

Some of the areas in the huge reserve are hosting gaur, the jungleox.

A gaur takes a giant leap.

The tigress quenches her thirst. She has hidden her cubs in the densed forest.

One afternoon before sunset we meet the sloth bear that is searching for fresh fruits in the forest.

The moon shines so clear.

The flight from Delhi  Leh, the biggest city in Ladakh, northern India. This place belongs to the state Jammu-Kashmir.

Tsering with her dog. The 13 year old girl that lives at the Gangpa guesthouse where I stays the first night wants to study as a veterinary.

The Home stay in the village Ulley. Jigmet Dadul that works for Snow Leopard Consevancy India Trust takes breakfast.

In heavy snowfall Urgen Jardol and Tshang Dordi fix the package tight to Tsewang Noorboor´s zoe. This is a mix of a yak and an oxen and a very strong animal.

The camp in the Spagon valley.

Urgen Jardol prepares the breakfast.

The weather has cleared up. My tent is placed behind a rock to avoid it beeing seen by a snow leopard if they should be around.

After the breakfast we slowly walks in to the valley.

A vulture cruises over the mountains. This species is called lamageirer in Ladakh.

Ibex, the wild goat runs down the slopes. Maybe they have seen something higher up.

Jigmet and Tshang takes a closer look over the mountains. We have heard a mating call from a snow leopard male.

Jigmet calls to the snow leopard. For some seconds we wait and the elusive cat finally responds.

The snow leopard has climbed up to a rock.

The snow leopard male sent out his matingcalls for a female.

The grey spotted cat looks at me with it´s friendly eyes.

It is not so easy to handle the heavy telezoom with frozen fingers.

Photo by. Tshang Dordi

We walk higher up to get a closer look.

The snow leopard walks on the slopes.

This photo is from how I saw the cat (without beeing croped)

What is the future for the "grey ghost" as the locals in Ladakh call the snow leopard?