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A taxiride from Ayun in the Chitral region to Islamabad (the photos will be here later)

We start early morning in cloudy and rainy weather from Ayun in the Chitral region in northwestern Pakistan, in a Toyota Corolla. Miki who has been my driver for one month joins me to Islamabad.

The heavy snowfall makes it more difficult. We have to push the car in a steep hill.

To get better stability the driver takes out his snowchains.

The driver Farmanulla makes sure that the snowchains are well

stucked to the frontwheels.

The snowraise from the mountain has blocked the road.

A bulldozer clears the road.

We stop at Ziernet for one and a half hour

before we enter the new tunnel at the Lowarypass.

A beautiful painted Pakistani truck.

Lunch with chai (tea) sheep and some Naanbread.

More people are waiting for the tunnel to be opened.

At 12 the tunnel is opened. The police controls the vehicles.

The tunnel is opened. Before it was constructed there was no roads from Chitral region to

Islamabad. Now it is used sometimes when the domestic flight is cancelled due to bad weather.

The drivers release the snowchains before they drive on.

A jeep comes very close but the driver avoids a collission.

After 45 minutes thrilling ride we see the light.

In Dir we change to another Corolla and another driver.

The roadis are now  better and larger.

Since we pass the border to Swat valley, conflict area, I am escorted some miles with policepatrols.

In Dargei we stop for a short teabreak. I meet the solider, Mubarak Hussein, who is on a

miltarypatrol that escort me some further miles.

At a fillingstation we get some petrol.

The patrols have left us when we enter the higway to Islamabad. After 14 hours we reach the capital.

Faisal is the biggest mosque in the world.

Islamabad girls from left: Hunsila, 7 years, Fisa, 10 years, Arishla, 7 years and in the front, Hashir, four years.