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Snow leopard tracking in Ladakh and icehockey in the city Leh, Januar  and Februar 2012.

Shanti Stupa, a Japanese built monastery in Leh.

Shanti Stupa is one of the most visited monasteries in Ladakh.

Returning home from Spagon valley.

Walking up to 4 700 metres in Ullay.

The last metres are very tiring but the view is breathtaking.

Jigmet Dadul from Snow Leopard Conservancy-India Trust changes film in his camera trap. He uses this phototechnique to estimate how many snow leopards stay in each area.

Tibetan grey wolves on the road near the guest house in Ullay.

Lammergeier (a vulture) in the Spagon valley.

We build a photoplatform of rocks.

After some hours of waiting the two snow leopard cubs come down from the mountain ridge.

Closer look at the cubs.

The female and her two cubs are difficult to find.

The snow leopard family returns to the higher mountains.

Tsewang Norboo the owner of the guest house in Ullay. A village at 4 050 metres.

Tsewang Norboo and his family among them the sons, Stanzin and Rinchen inside the house.

With help of Nawang Yeltsin Tsewang Norboo puts on a bandage to the femalea yat that falled down from the mountain ridge.

Anghcuk. snow leopard tracker.

Dolkar, 4 years old. Neighbour to the Norboor family.

One afternoon three snow leopards walks down the mountiain ridge in Ullay. They are observed on the roof top.

The final in the Chief executive ounciillous iechockey cup in Leh between Ladakh Scouts against Indu Tiibetan Border Police. The Scouts is an armyteam. Their opponent is a paramilitary force.

They play at 3 850 metres.

The public enjoys the icehockey game. In Ladakh icehockey is the biggest winter sport.

The Ladakh Scouts goalkeeper makes an elegant save.

The leading goal fot the Ladakh Scouts.

Rinchen Tundup in Ladakh Scouts, is selected the best player in the tournament.

They play 3x20 minutes. It is a very intensive game.

In the second periodbreak some girls compete in classic skating.

A dog walks out on the ice.

The final is over. The Ladakh Scouts goalkeeper celibrate the victory.

The Ladakh Scouts team is thrilled over the triumph.

The army teams chief celibrate the triumph together with the players.

After the final the woman team from the school Secmol plays against Lalok from the Chinese border.

The woman´s hockey is popular in Ladakh.

The Secmol team checks out the article in Mariestads-Tiidningen about the celibration of the Swedish Junior World Champions.

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