Wildlife & Action


I grew up in Gothenburg, western Sweden. In 1989 I moved to Mariestad, a nice smaller town with aobut 24 000  inhabitants to work at the local newspaper, Mariestads-Tidningen. www.mariestadstidningen.se

Since than I have had a 60 % job there as photographer until October 2014.

And sometime contributes in travel and outdoormagazines.

Passion for wild animals long time ago

Already at very young age I became interested in the wild animals. I was 15 years old when I travelled to Kenya for the first time. I wanted to visit Tanzania also but on theese days the two nationals had closed the borders. The reason was that the visitors started in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, and finished there. So Kenya got more imcome from the tourists than Tanzania. Nowadyas theese two countries are working well togehter. They have formed an organisation for benefiting tourism that also includes Rwanda and Burundi.

The elegant spotted leopard have always had the high attraction to me. My first leopardencounter it became just a blured shadow from the camera. But since than I have had many excellent meetings with this cat, for me this is the symbol of the African wilderness in the same way the grey wolf should be the symbol of th Scandinavian wilderness.

Than I tried to meet the other spotted big cat, the jaguar in Lathinamerica. The first days in the forest in Belize we did not meet. Instead the mosquitos came to me. I was injured but with correct treatment was allright some days later.

The infection in my left foot from mosquitobites have I experienced many times.

My first date with a female jaguar was over within some seconds. One evennig the cat runned into the forest in southern Pantanal. The photo I used as the cover in my first book. Than I returned to Brazil, searched the elusive cat without any success until I tried for the forth time. One evening I found a jaguar resting on the beach near the Piquiriri river in northern Pantanal. It was a big male that suddenly began to try to catch some howlermonkeys.

The next morning we, three persons in the small boat excluding the driver, found another cat. This time it was perfect photolight. One of my wildest dreams had been fullfilled.

My passion for International sportevents

For more than 20 years I have also covered woman football for Swedish Women Football Magazine (Swedish name: Tidningen Svensk Damfotboll), www.svenskdamfotboll.se from youth tournament for the most talanted girls in Sweden as Cup Kommunal and the biggest tournament in world, Gothia Cup with 1570 teams from 61 countries, to  the nationalteam.

For the same magazine I travelled to USA, both 1999 and 2003, China 2007,   Germany 2011 and Canada 2015 to cover the World Cups.. I have worked for Svensk Damfotboll (SD) since the magazine started back in 1989. Chief-in-editor for this magazine is Urban Emilsson.










Jaguartracking in Pantanal do norte November 2015.

Photo by: Jonatan Borling