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Published books: The lyrics are in swedish

2008 Jaguar, Tiger, Lejon, Leopard

möten med de fyra stora kattdjuren

Published by: Munin Förlag

more info at: www.vildmarksbiblioteket.se

1999: Vilda möten på en tusendels sekund

 2004: Levande vildmark


This book can  be ordered directly from me. The price is 249 swedish crowns included mailingfreight and tax if it´s sending within Sweden. 

The book is in 152 pages in A-4 format.

This is excitng stories with photos lyrics about hungry and smoothy big cats, fast reptiles, unique naturepeoples as the Hadzabe in Tanzania and the southamerican indianpeoples Aymara, Chipaya and Tereno.


The book about the four members of the Panthera family.