Jan Fleischmann Wildlife & Action



The Kalashpeople and the markhors, a kind of wild goat in northwestern Pakistan, and some

other scenes from the area in Januar-Februar 2010

Approaching Chitral passing the Hindukush range.

Chitral is situated around 100 km from the Afghanstan border. It is a mountain region.

Terichmir motor workshop in Chitral.

The plane arrives in Chitral. In the foreground is the big mosque

The mosque in Chitral.

Horsepolo and cricket are the most popular sports in Pakistan. But the muslim men plays also football

in Chitral on the ground in front of the mosque.

On every excursion outside Chital I am joined by a policeman.

Ayun bridge

Women on the road to Chitral.

Every day the local persons collect stones for their houses near a marble factory.

The road where they collect stones often get heavy traffic.

Hindu Kush range viewed from the guesthouse in Ayun.

Terichmir is the biggest mountain in the Hindu Kush range. Is is over 7 000 metres.

Dinner in Hilal Achmeds house in Ayun. He works in the Kalashvalley for the wildlife division.

Girls on the streets in central Chitral.

Fazila, 7 years.

Boy in Chitral in front of a cakeshop.

Old man in Ayun.

Young boy in Ayun.

Young boy cleaning shoes in a shoshop.

Visit to the Kalashvalley

The Kalashwomen wear colourful clothes and a special headgear. They have the clothes in their daily routines like washing and dishing in the river.

Guelnas, a courious Kalashgirl.

Old Kalashwoman.


Salam Udin, 30 years shawes.

Kalashfamily in the village Grom.

Sinur Gul cuts apples.

Salima studies at home on her wintervacation.

Muhammed Ali, Kalashman in the village Grom. He is 50 years.

Sinur Gul, 45 years. The paintings under her eyes is for sunprotection.

Toshi became a reserve for protecting the Kashmir markhor.

Women washing in a willage near Toshi.

One day I met and join a rescue assistance team in Toshi.

They can be used in naturecatastrophes.

Their manager directs them to walk carefully down.

The team practises to walk down with an "injured" member.

Then it is mine turn to go down.

Photo by: Murad Khan

Hashi the shepherd walks down with his goats.

The road in the reseve is used for tranports and taxis.

Cloudy sky in Ayun. Maybe it will be snowfall tomorrow.

Zahoor the chef that works in the guesthouse in Ayun has never seen snow before so he is extremely happy.

He comes from Punjabi district.

The winter has finally arrived. The view over Ayun.

The fog is covering Chitral.

Waiting for the wildlife in Toshi at the Watcher´s hut

A family in a house near the reserve gives us lunch.

The markhors are running down from the mountain to drink from the river.

A male markhor climbs.

Markhor running down.

Male markhor.

A markhor on the skyline.

Photographing the markhor on the skyline.

Photo by: Murad Khan

A female markhor drinks.

Chiragh Udin "Miki" my driver, takes a look at a police man´s Kalajsnikov.


Shazada Gul hunts with his hawk. He is managing the community outside the reserve.

Friends and relatives to Shazad Gul in his house.

Shazada Gul feeds his hawk while three of his children, Hadia Bibi, Amad Udin och Musadiq Udin eat candy.